Ethereum Lottery Faucet

Enter your Ethereum address to claim some ether! The amount is 1% of the contents of the faucet wallet. To get the most ether you need to time your request to the faucet wallet top-up (which happens randomly).

Below is the breakdown of your account. When your payable balance reaches 100 000 you can cash out all of it! The faucet pays the miner's transaction fee. Come back in an 15 minutes and make a new claim!

This Claim:  Szabo
Claims from affiliatees:  Szabo
Minimum payout:  Szabo
Payable:  Szabo

Share this link:[your ethereum address] to get 50% of every claim from every user you refer!

If you are new to Ethereum, you can use this faucet to get some ether to play around with - for free! Ethereum is a new platform, for programmable money, based on the some of the same principles as other crypto currencies, such as bitcoin. With Ethereum users can create automatic contracts, that executes the terms of the contract automatically, without any third party involvement.

Learn more about Ethereum on the Ethereum webpage or the Wikipedia article. You may also get help from the Ethereum Forum or the Ethereum subreddit.

If you hold some ether and want to help out, you are welcome to donate funds for the faucet wallet to 0x1c10a5aabc2555ee3027d5758c4b7b462605f972!

The celebration continues! 1000% increase in claim amounts!

We have increased the amount you recieve on every claim, with not 100%, not 500% but 1000%! Yes, that is one thousand percent! Come and claim them!

Changed claim wait time to 15 minutes!

The Ethereum project has entered into a new stage, called Homestead. We continue to celebrate this by lowering the claim wait time to 15 minutes!

Celebrating Homestead with 150% referal commission

Soon, Homestead will be released! We will celebrate this the entire week with crazy referal commissions. Today 150%!!!!1111oneoneone. Yes, you will recieve 150% of all of what all of the people you refer here claim. This 150% will stick to these users, so 150% for life!

Started new faucet

Since you seem to like faucets that much, we created a new one! Head over to and earn 200 szabo per 15 minutes. with a chance of winning 10 000 szabo!

50% referal reward!

You will now get rewarded for every user you refer here. Use your referal link and the new users coming here through that link will be tagged as yours. For every claim they make, you will get 50%. Your referal link is[your ethereum address]

Working on a referal system

It seems like you liked the new update! We are giving away a lot of coins now. We have invested in new mining equipment to be able to cover the need for coins. This equipment will be install beginning tomorrow. We would also like to reward those of you that bring in your friends through a classic referal reward system. The referer will get a percentage of the new user's claims. More to follow!


We have made some changes so that you can make multiple claims on each transaction fee. The payouts will need to be tuned - so please bear with us. They might seem too high or too low the first few days. Apologies in advance!
But, most importantly, we've changed the claim time from 24 hours to 1 hour!

New update to payout more, soon to come!

Currently, each claim is placed in a queue, and when it is next in line, the calculated amount is payed out directly. This results in a transaction on the block chain. For each transaction, a transaction fee is required. Hence, much of your ether goes to pay this. Oftetimes, more is spent on the transaction than your actual payout. It is nothing wrong with the transaction fee, unless you payout a lot of smaller amounts, very often, as a faucet do. We will implement a new function, that lets you keep your ether in the faucet, and pay it out when you want to. This way, you can avoid a lot of transaction fees. More ether for you! We will also increase the number of claims you can do per day from 1, to 24! Again, more ether to you!

Just want to try ether out?

Since Ethereum is quite a new tech, so are it's users! If you do not want to start in the deep end, installing geth, and typing commands to transfer ether, get a web wallet. There are a few around, like My Ether Wallet and Ethereum Wallet. Register there to get your own Ethereum address, that you can use in this faucet. Personally, I use my account at Kraken which is a crypto currency exchange. There you can generate an Ethereum address under Funding -> Ether -> Ether -> Generate New Address. As a bonus, you can day trade for other cryptos!

How does this work, technically?

The faucet has its own wallet. This is where you get your payouts from. This wallet is topped up by the wallet miners. Previously the miners filled the wallet directly from the mining pool payouts - but, this is to predictive. To account for that a "cache wallet" was implemented. The mining rewards goes to that wallet, and the faucet wallet is randomly topped up from the cache wallet. Every 5 seconds, the faucet checks to see if there is anybody in queue for a payout, and in that case, calculate amount to be paid out. It adds the transaction fee, an pays directly on the blockchain.

Change in payout scheme

As the faucet has become quite popular, the payout every 5 minutes was causing a long queue, that were never to be caught up with. To accomodate that problem we will instead pay out the next in line, every 5 SECONDS! We will also change to a 1% payout (but 60 times as often!).